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Ontario Numismatic Association Club of the Year

Club of the Year Award

ONA Club of the Year (COTY) Award — The ONA recognize the contributions to the numismatic hobby by our member clubs through the presentation of the ONA Club of the Year Award to the best club over the calendar year. The award is presented at the ONA Annual Convention during the Club Delegates’ Breakfast and announced again at the Banquet dinner. The winning club receives an engraved plaque and a monetary prize, along with the recognition, prestige and bragging rights that go with being the ONA Club of the Year.

To nominate your club for the award, simply send an email to the Club Services Chair not later than March 15th with a summary of the club’s activities and accomplishments over the past year (see guideline below). All clubs have an equal chance to be COTY, because submissions are judged based on a club’s means and abilities, i.e., a new, small clubs and those with limited means will not be expected to have the same level of participation and activity as a large, long-established club.

Recipients of the "Club of the Year" Award are:

2023 - Waterloo Coin Society

2022 - Nashua Coin Club

2021 - Nashua Coin Club

2020 - Waterloo Coin Society

2019 - Stratford Coin Club

2018 - South Wellington Coin Society

Here is a guideline to assist you in preparing your submission (feel free to modify to suit your club):
  • Club Description — Tell us about your club during the year —
    • Name, location, contact information
    • How often do you meet? When and where? How many members attend?
    • How many members in the club? Did you gain or lose members during the year?
    • Do you have any youth members? How many? Do they meet with the adults or separately?
    • What do you do to recruit and retain members?
    • Do you publish a newsletter? How often? What info does it include? (Please provide an electronic copy if available)
    • Do you have a website? An email address? (Please provide)
  • Club Activities — Tell us what your club did during the year —
    • Describe what happens at your meetings
      • Presentations/talks/discussions/workshops
      • Show and Tell
      • Door prizes/50-50 draw
      • Auction, Displays
      • Special guests
      • Club Business
    • Did you go on outings/field trips/visits?
    • Did you do shows, displays, or promotional activities?
  • Club Contributions — Tell us what your club did to promote and enhance the hobby, both within the club and outside it during the year —
    • Do you have an Awards and Recognition Program to recognize the contributions of your members? Who won what?
    • Do you have a mentoring program to help youth and novice members? Describe it; is it successful?
    • Does your club sponsor members for numismatic courses/education? Describe.
    • Has the club made any donations to support the advancement of numismatics (e.g., donate books to a library, donations to numismatic organizations)? Describe.
    • Has the club made any donations to, or done work in support of community charities? Describe.
    • Do the members of your club write articles/presentations for publication? Who — what publications?
    • Do the members of your club volunteer in support of numismatic activities (e.g., ONA Convention)? Describe
  • Other information — Don’t be constrained by the above; feel free to include any other information that tells us about your club, its health, its activities and its contributions.

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