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Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions 

   Do I have to already have a coin collection to join the ONA?
We welcome all new collectors just starting out, and we will assist you to learn how to collect, handle, store, and protect your collection.
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   Do I have to already be a member of a local coin club to join the ONA?
Any individual or club may join the ONA. The individual does not have to belong to a local club. However, there are many benefits to joining local clubs or just dropping into their meetings as guests, and we will be pleased to explain those benefits to you.
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   Do I have to wait until January to join the ONA?
You can join at any time of the year, and if you join in the back half of the year, your dues are considered as being for the upcoming year. For example, if you join in March, you remittance is for this year, but if you join in September, you remittance is for next year. We have special memberships designed for your needs, you can join as an individual or family and renewal annually, or purchase a life-time membership so you only have to remit once.
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   Do I have to be over 18 years old to join?
We welcome junior members, and you may be eligible for a free membership if you enrolled in the CoinsKids program. It's always a good idea if you are under 16 to get your parents' consent to join, and they may wish to join with you.
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   What is there to do at ONA Conventions?
You can enjoy bidding at auctions or negotiating deals on the bourse floor. You can enter an exhibit for competition or a non-competitive exhibit for educational purposes only. You can come out to receptions, the hospitality suite, and the banquet to enjoy fun, laughter, fine food, but most of all smiles as you grow friendships and networks. You can find those items for your collection that you have been searching for. You can attend education seminars to increase your numismatic knowledge. You can participate at meetings for various numismatic groups including the ONA meetings. If you pre-register for the convention, you will receive a kit of goodies including a convention medal. If you pre-volunteer for the convention and are present all three days, you will be recognized for that. If you attend the banquet, you will witness the presentation of awards, and you might be a recipient. Often there are extra-curricular activities available in the host city as arranged by the host club, these can be tours to local attractions. If traveling from out of town and pre-registering for the convention, you will get a special discounted accommodate rate.
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   Does the ONA belong to any association?
The Ontario Numismatic Association has been a long-term proud member of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (formerly the Canadian Numismatic Association).
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