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Fellow of the Ontario Numismatic Association Award

Fellow of the O.N.A.

The O.N.A. introduced the Fellow of the Ontario Numismatic Association award in 1994. The “Fellow of the O.N.A.” recognizes individuals for outstanding service to numismatics in their local area. This includes their work with the local coin club and promoting numismatics in their community. Work in the local club can include executive and committee responsibilities, participating in club projects and shows and involvement in club meetings. Promotion of numismatics in the community can include involvement with museum and mall displays, articles in the area paper and television and radio interviews, speaking about numismatics at service clubs and other non-numismatic groups.

The "Fellow of the ONA" award recipients receive a specially engraved medal, a framed certificate, and a specially engraved pin-back metallic nameplate. Up to three deserving individuals can be honoured as a "Fellow" at each ONA Convention banquet.

Recipients of the "Fellow of the O.N.A." are:

2023 - Jeffrey Wilson, Bob Fritsch

2022 - Not Awarded

2021 - Sean Sinclair, Mike Hollingshead

2020 - Not Awarded

2019 - Randal Haigh, Alan Roy, Cassidy Stroud

2018 - Ron Cheek

2017 - Frank Baka, Monina McCullough-Regitko, William English

2016 - Lisa McPherson

2015 - Jeff Fournier, Stephen Woodland, Judy Blackman

2014 - Brett Irick, Serge Pelletier, Todd Hume

2013 - Brent Mackie, John Regitko, Scott Douglas

2012 - Sandy Lipin, Ed Anderson, Henry Nienhuis

2011 - Betty Lou Hume, Lois Rogers, David Bawcutt

2010 - Barry McIntyre, Robb McPherson, François Rufiange

2009 - Peter Becker, Ted Leitch, Frank Smith

2008 - Joe Ash

2007 - Rick Craig, Tom Rogers*, Larry Walker

2006 - Len Trakalo, Albert Kasman*

2005 - Roland Albert*, Gerry Albert

2004 - William Kamb, Laverne Smith

2003 - Fred Freeman*, Hubert Grimminck, Robert Zmija*

2002 - Ed Anstett, Dorothy Mason*, William Waychison

2001 - Paul Johnson, Tom Masters, Robert Porter*

2000 - Wilfred Becker*

1999 - Bruce Raszmann*

1998 - Ray Desjardins*

1997 - Norm Belsten

1996 - Dick Dunn, Chris Boyer

1995 - Tom Kennedy, Tom Kostaluk*

1994 - Jerry Remick*, Harvey Farrow*, George Fraser*

          * Deceased

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