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The Founding of the O.N.A. and Its First Convention

     The information in this section was compiled from text that appeared in the earliest issues of the Ontario Numismatist. It is presented in topical chapters that may be viewed by clicking on the chapter titles below.

     On March 11, 1961 representatives of Ontario numismatic societies met in convention at the Second Annual Banquet of the Waterloo Coin Society to discuss matters of mutual interest. At this meeting the Waterloo Coin Society was requested to make a study of the feasibility of the formation of an association of Ontario numismatic societies. The Waterloo Coin Society agreed to perform this study and constituted a committee composed of executive members of the society. The executive felt that the committee should be expanded to include members of other Ontario societies and set about enlisting the services of a number of prominent southern Ontario numismatists.

     The final membership of the Formation Committee consisted of Mr. Rod R. Rekofski, Chairman, Mr. William English, Vice Chairman, Mrs. Ruth Mueller, Secretary, Mr. Bruce Raszmann, Treasurer, and members Mr. Frank Uttley, Mr. Walter Holmes, Mr. Robert C. Willey, Mr. Bruce Brace and Mrs. Joan Whitby.

     The committee then proceeded with its study soliciting information from clubs and individual numismatists throughout Ontario. With the completion of its study, the committee observed the following:

  • That there is a definite need for an association of Ontario numismatic societies;
  • That there is a strong desire among the clubs and numismatists for an association of Ontario numismatic societies;
  • That membership in an association should be restricted to societies in Ontario;
  • That an association through the exchange of information would assist clubs in the avoidance of conflicting dates of annual banquets and other pursuits;
  • That the Canadian Numismatic Association is not unfavorably disposed to the formation of an Ontario association;
  • That it is desirable for an association to work in harmony with the Canadian Numismatic Association and in particular avoid conflicting convention dates;
  • That an association in Ontario would increase interest in numismatics, which would increase interest in the Canadian Numismatic Association;
  • That interest in numismatics is keen enough in Ontario for an association to hold annual conventions and, in addition to the usual auction and bourse, that information be exchanged through special lectures or symposiums;
  • That an association would assist in the formation of new societies in Ontario and stimulate the older ones;
  • That an association would assist in the standardization of judging rules, display categories and auction rules;
  • That it is desirable for an association to have a publication but in the formative years it should be restricted to the exchange of useful information.
This material was originally researched for the 50th Anniversary Convention souvenir program by Paul R. Petch 

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