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The Founding of the O.N.A. and Its First Convention

     The information in this section was compiled from text that appeared in the earliest issues of the Ontario Numismatist. It is presented in topical chapters that may be viewed by clicking on the chapter titles below.

     The committee recommended that the first one hundred people joining the Association should be considered charter members. Early response was very good, and perhaps you will recognize some of the names of the first 25 members:

1. Rod R. Rekofski, Kitchener
10. Mervyn Ayers, Stroud
19. Jack Cooke, Arkona
2. William English, Waterloo 11. Robert Smith, Preston 20. Franklin Smith, St.Pauls
3. Edward Knight, Toronto 12. C. F. Martin, Sudbury 21. Walter Holmes, London
4. Philip Mueller, Kitchener 13. Bruce Raszmann, Waterloo 22. Murray L. Sweigman, Toronto
5. Edward Stahley, Kitchener 14. Roy Youngren, Galt 23. R. C. Willey, Espanola
6. G. A. Hickson, Kitchener 15. William J. Powell, Aylmer 24. R. Blake Graham, Toronto
7. Lloyd T. Smith, London 16. Louie Biro, Princeton 25. Ruth Graham, Toronto
8. Frank Uttley, Kitchener 17. Howard Whitfield, London
9. Frank Kovack, Hamilton 18. J. E. Charlton, Toronto

This material was originally researched for the 50th Anniversary Convention souvenir program by Paul R. Petch 

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