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The Founding of the O.N.A. and Its First Convention

     The information in this section was compiled from text that appeared in the earliest issues of the Ontario Numismatist. It is presented in topical chapters that may be viewed by clicking on the chapter titles below.

     The plan was set to proceed with the founding convention of the O.N.A. in Kitchener, at the Third Annual Banquet of the Waterloo Coin Society on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 and 25, 1962, at the Walper Hotel utilizing the Crystal Ballroom, the Terrace room and the Oak room. It was pointed out that adequate convention facilities were somewhat limited in Kitchener, and in view of the large attendance expected at the founding convention, the Walper offered the best facilities available.

     Another task of the convention committee was to establish a design for a convention medal. It was decided from the outset that the obverse would bear the crest of the Waterloo Coin Society. Leslie Marks, whose initials appear to the lower right, designed the obverse. The reverse was originally intended to commemorate the founding convention, but as work progressed Ronald McQuillan sketched a basic Association crest and an informal committee made up of members of the Waterloo Coin Society brought this to completion. The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Numismatic Medals further reveals that the medals were ordered through John A. Nash Jewellers of London, Ontario with the dies being cut by Elliot-Bishop Ltd. and actual striking was by Henry Birks & Sons of Toronto.

     From the Association's earliest days, the recognition of outstanding Ontario numismatists has been an important facet of O.N.A. operations. The committee, in co-operation with the Waterloo Coin Society, announced in the January 1962 issue of the Ontario Numismatist that an Ontario Numismatic Award of Merit had been created and would be awarded for the greatest contribution made by any Ontario numismatist towards the advancement of Canadian Numismatics. The award would be presented to the successful nominee at the founding convention. A broad interpretation was placed on the type of contribution and it was specified that it might include research, publications or any other activity meriting recognition. Clubs and interested individuals were encouraged to nominate candidates for the award and were requested to forward the names of nominees, together with details of contributions to numismatics, in writing on or before February 28, 1962, to Mr. Rod R. Rekofski, O.N.A. Committee Chairman. It was made clear that submissions to the committee, it presently being constituted of eminent numismatists, would remain confidential until the award has been announced at the banquet. This is basically the same approached employed by the Awards Committee to this day. It was requested that all Ontario clubs publicize the award and the nomination process in their newsletter.

This material was originally researched for the 50th Anniversary Convention souvenir program by Paul R. Petch 

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