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Ontario Numismatist Archive from 2010-2019

 The Ontario Numismatist - Official bulletin of the O.N.A. 

We are very proud of The Ontario Numismatist, the official, bi-monthly (six issues per year), publication of the Ontario Numismatic Association (ISSN 0048-1815).

Each annual volume in the archive comprises all issues published that calendar year. Pages are numbered sequentially, starting with the first issue of the year.

The Editor welcomes your articles, announcements, and advertisements for publication. Items for publication should be submitted in MS-Word (*.doc, *.docx) or in MS-Publisher (*.pub) format. All images (in full colour if available) should be submitted separately from the article text in JPEG (*.jpg) format with a resolution of 300 d.p.i. or higher. Captions for each image should also be included, if desired.

The submitter is responsible to ensure all submissions are free of copyright and trademark infringements, and free of plagiarism.

Suggestions for improvement, constructive criticism, and complements are also always welcome.

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 Searchable Index to the Ontario Numismatist 
This project, completed and maintained by Wilf Lauber, provides a complete index of all articles, events, and announcements published in The Ontario Numismatist. The index is updated as each new issue is published.

Each link below will open a PDF file for all issues published during the decade. The file is fully searchable (via CTRL-F) to make it easy for readers to locate an item via the author or a keyword from the title (i.e., the topic). Each index is sub-divided by year and issue.

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The lines below provide links to our archive of previous issues; each line opens a list of issues for the decade grouped by year. Notice that some of these files are very large and will take a considerable time to download.

The Ontario Numismatic Association would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Dan Gosling, Mr. Paul Strong, and the Oshawa Coin Club for their contributions in assembling, scanning and creating these pdf files for the O.N.A. archives.

The O.N.A. also wishes to thank Paul Petch and Numismatic Network Canada ( for supplying the internet resources used in storing our archive files.

Full-colour versions of recent issues can be downloaded from our Members Only area (membership in  the O.N.A. is required):

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