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Ontario Numismatic Association AWARD OF MERIT

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit, the highest award the O.N.A. bestows, was introduced by the Association in 1962; to give recognition to "the person living in Ontario who has made the greatest contribution towards the advancement of numismatics at all levels – local, provincial and national." The winner is announced at the Banquet of the annual O.N.A. Convention.

All nominated candidates are reviewed with the assistance of, but not limited to, the following criteria. Nominees must be a resident of Ontario. The individual’s full numismatic history should be presented to the committee by the nominator, not only accomplishments of the last year but the total involvement during his/her involvement with the hobby. A well-rounded numismatic background should include work at the local, regional and national levels, including any executive and committee work that was done by the nominee, length of involvement in promoting numismatics in the local community such as with museum and mall displays, published articles in the papers, TV & radio interviews, contributions made to coin shows and coin conventions, exhibiting at numismatic projects, other outstanding efforts in the numismatic area.

Today the Award of Merit is presented in the form of a silver medal and a certificate. The medal bears the O.N.A. crest on one side and the recipient’s name and the year it is presented on the other side. Recipients also receive a banquet ticket and an engraved metallic nameplate identifying the bearer as a recipient of the award. The nameplate, featuring the O.N.A. crest as well as the name of the award, has a magnetic backing so that it can be worn to all numismatic functions. Those nominated are chosen in the month prior to the annual convention, and the winner is announced at the convention banquet. The Committee may add their own nominations over and above any received from the membership.

The original Award of Merit Medals were composed of 10kt Gold until the 1970s when, due to increased cost of the precious metal, it became gold-plated. The first medal, donated by Molson’s Brewery, was awarded to Robert C. Willey.

Past recipients of the Award of Merit are:
2023 Lisa McPherson
2022 Not Awarded
2021 Harry James
2019 Norm Belsten
2018 Robb McPherson
2017 Judy Blackman
2016 Peter Becker
2015 Henry Nienhuis
2014 Chris Faulkner
2013 Edward Anstett
2012 Len Trakalo
2011 Todd Hume
2010 Scott Douglas
2009 Fred Freeman*
2008 Len Buth
2007 Hubert Grimminck
2006 Dick Dunn
2005 William Waychison
2004 Jack Griffin*
2003 Tom Rogers*
2002 Chris Boyer
2001 Roger Fox
2000 Paul Petch
1999 Graham Esler
1998 Frank Fresco*
1997 Brian Cornwell
1996 Marvin Kay
1995 Mike Hollingshead
1994 Robert Graham
1993 William H. McDonald*
1992 Bruce Brace*
1991 Ted Leitch
1990 Don Robb
1989 Roy Hollingshead*
1988 Al Bliman*
1987 Fred Barley*
1986 Ross Irwin*
1985 Paul Johnson
1984 Ruth McQuade*
1983 John Regitko
1982 Stella Hodge*
1981 Ken Wilmot*
1980 Trudy Lambert*
1979 Norman E. Wells*
1978 Tom Masters
1977 Donald Thomas*
1976 Howard Whitfield*
1975 Charles Laister*
1974 James Haxby
1973 Bruce Raszmann*
1972 Louise Graham*
1971 Pat Lambert*
1970 William English
1969 Victor E. Snell*
1968 Not Awarded
1967 James E. Charlton*
1966 Sheldon S. Carroll*
1965 Rod D. Rekofski*
1964 Lloyd T. Smith*
1963 John Wilkinson*
1962 Robert C. Willey*

               * Deceased

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