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Current Membership rates in the O.N.A.

The Ontario Numismatic Association, is devoted to helping you get the most out of your hobby; through education and fellowship. Our prime objectives are the dissemination of information on the numismatic goings-on throughout Ontario as well as the promotion of research and study through our publication The Ontario Numismatist. Members range from individual collectors and local clubs to professional numismatists and dealers. Our current membership rates are:


And last but not least our website at a perfect way to keep up with late-breaking announcements, research material and this application form.

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All you need to do is fill out our membership application and mail it to us along with your first year's dues remittance. Membership is on an annual basis. Anyone joining in the last part of the year will be deemed to apply for membership for the start of the following year.

Current annual membership fees (Canadian funds):
Membership TypeDigitalRegular
Regular (18 and older)$ 15.00$ 30.00
Spouse (digital membership)*$ 10.00 - - - - 
Junior (under age 18) ** - renewal$ 5.00$ 20.00
Lifetime (subject to ONA by-laws) ***$ 450.00$ 900.00
* additional person membership for spouse of a regular member.
** Junior (under age 18) - Albert Kasman Junior Scholarship -- for the first year of junior digital membership (based on calendar year). Through the generosity of Albert Kasman, F.O.N.A., the first year of Junior Digital Membership (under age 18) is covered by scholarship paid directly to the ONA.
*** requires one year or more of Regular Membership in the Association before tansfer to Life Membership.
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  Attention: David Bawcutt, Membership Chairman
    or Email: Membership Information

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