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O.N.A. Book and Audio-visual Lending Library


There is a good sprinkling of reference books and recent catalogues that can be borrowed free-of-charge (all you pay for is postage). Contact Book Lending Librarian Christopher Boyer, 519-884-4788 or e-mail Librarian.


We have an extensive audio-visual (AV) lending library available to both individual members and club members. Contact Audio Visual Lending Librarian Len Trakalo, 519-756-5137 (available only evenings and on weekends) or e-mail Secretary.

From time-to-time, announcements are published in the ONA Numismatist about the availability of VCR tape programs that can be borrowed by members. The nominal $5.00 charge covers handling and postage one way, with the borrower prepaying the return postage. This fee applies whether one or a quantity of programs are borrowed.

Our AV lending library includes numismatic programs on a wide variety of topics. Many of our tools are now converted to CDs and DVDs and have been given to the local coin clubs to serve their members, so ask your local club regarding library access and benefits of membership in their club.

Below are some of the topics currently available on CDs / DVDs from our AV lending library.

ONA Educational Resources as of June 2011
The following PowerPoint Presentations (with text included) are available to ONA clubs or ONA members who have the equipment to run them:
A1 Canadian Decimal
A1-1 Canadian Large Cents 26 images; revised 2009
A1-2 Canadian Five Cents 41 images, 1858-1992; 2009
A1-3 Canadian Ten Cents 39 images, 1858-1992; 2009
A1-4 Canadian Twenty-Five Cents 48 images 1858-2000; 2008 revised 2009
A1-5 Canadian Fifty Cents 41 images 1870-1978; 2008
A1-6 Canadian Silver Dollars 41 images, 1935 to 1967; 2008
A1-7 Canadian Collector Cased Silver Dollars, 44 images,  1971 to 2006; 2008
A1-8 Canadian Gold Coins 50  images, 1862-1990; 2008 revised 2009
A1-9 Canadian Type Set 43 images, 1867-1937; 2008
A1-10 Newfoundland Decimal 32 images; 2009
A2 Canadian Tokens and Medals
A2-1 Blacksmith Tokens 51 images; 2008
A2-2 Pre-Confederation Nova Scotia Copper Tokens 40 images; revised 2009
A2-3 Pre-Confederation Copper Tokens of Upper Canada 36 images; 2008
A2-4 R.C.N.A./C.N.A. Convention Medals 2 parts 63 images 1954-2010; rev. 2010
A2-5 Canadian Numismatic Link to the American Civil War 32 images; 2008
A2-6 Coins and Tokens as Tools, Jewellery and other uses 39 images; 2008
A2-7 Governor General Medals of Canada 40 images; 2009
A2-8 Early Toronto Exhibition Medals 54 images; 2008
A2-9 Early Canadian Numismatists and their Tokens 59 images; 2008
A2-10 Pritchard & Andrews 51 images; 2008
A2-11 Canadian Financial Institutions Coin Savings Banks 53 images; 2009
A2-12 HBC Medals, Token and Paper Money, 43 images, 2011
B1 Canadian Paper Money
B1-1 Introduction to Canadian Paper Money 2 parts 91 images; rev. 2010
B1-2 Dominion of Canada Notes 58 images; revised 2010
B1-3 Bank Notes of the Bank of Canada 58 images 1935-2004; rev. 2009
B1-4 Canadian Government One Dollar Notes 45 images 1870-1973; 2008
B1-5 Our Changing Canadian Currency 55 images 1772-1986; 2008
B1-6 Canadian Fractional Currency 27 images; 2009
B1-7 Princess Patricia One Dollar Dominion Notes 26 images 1917; 2008
B1-8 Canadian Chartered Bank Notes of the West Indies 56 images; 2008
B1-9 Canadian Prisoner of War Money 48 images; 2007
B1-10 Banks and Bankers of Ontario 48 images; 2007
B2 Canadian Paper 
B2-1 Bank of London 35 images; 2007
B2-2 Canadian Small-size Chartered Bank Notes 36 images; 2008
B2-3 Coming Soon: Early Canadian Scrip 46 images; 2009
B2-4 Newfoundland Paper 43 images; 2009
B2-5 Fawcett Bank Network 23 images; 2007
B2-6 Fenian Troubles 37 images; revised 2009
B2-7 Canadian Prison of War (extended version) 66 images; 2007
B2-8 The Bank of Hamilton, 36 images, 2010
B2-9 The Merchants Bank of Canada, 43 images, 2010
B2-10 Coming Soon: The Molsons Bank, 42 images, 2011
C1 World Coins
C1-1 Coins of British North Borneo 29 images; 2007
C1-2 Eight Real in the New World LNS 57 images; 2008
C1-3 Gold Measure for Measure 55 images; 2007
C1-4 Industrial Revolution 48 images; 2007
C1-5 Milled Coinage of Elizabeth I, 21 images; 2007
C1-6 Coins of the White Rajahs of Sarawak, 37 images; 2007
C1-7 United States Private Gold issues 43 images; 2008
C1-8 Coming Soon: Spanish-American Mints, 37 images, 2011
C1-9 Coming Soon: Gold Coins of Brazil, 32 images, 2011
D1 World Paper
D1-1 British Military Notes 55 images; 2007
D1-2 Coming Soon: Japanese Invasion Money 39 images; 2009
D1-3 Military Payment Certificates 58 images; 2008
D1-4 Modern Banknotes of Ireland 52 images; 2008
D1-5 Scottish Bank Notes 47 images; rev. 2011
E1 B.A. Seaby's Presentations
E1-1 English Crowns 33 images; 2008
E1-2 English Hammered Gold 33 images; 2008
E1-3 English Milled Gold 33 images; 2008
E1-4 Greek Coins 33 images; 2008
E1-5 Roman Republic 33 images; 2008
E1-6 Scottish Gold 33 images; 2008
E1-7 Twelve Caesars 33 images; 2008
F1 London Local Presentations
F1-1 Banks and Bankers London Area, 50 images; 2007
F1-2 London Local Economy 63 images + 70 images; 2007
F1-3 Coming Soon: London Medals 46 images; 2008
F1-4 London Old Boys 49 images; 2007
F1-5 Western Fair Medals 60 images; 2008

 Special Benefit to ONA Member Clubs 

Thanks to the generosity of the London Numismatic Society, the O.N.A. can offer, at no charge, a DVD disc containing over 50 PowerPoint presentations to O.N.A. member clubs. Each presentation is suitable for a program at a club meeting. Topics include Canadian decimal coins, tokens and paper money, world coins and paper money, and London Ontario items of interest. An update of the DVD is expected spring 2010.

Each club is allowed to possess one copy ONLY of the DVD and ownership of the DVD and contents remains with the London Numismatic Society (LNS).  Any club that allows copies to be made will not be allowed future updates. An Executive member of an interested club only has to contact Len Trakalo and supply mailing information.  Clubs that have already expressed an interest (as at Feb. 2010) include: Brantford, North York, Ottawa, Scarborough, South Wellington, and Waterloo. Future updates will be automatically sent out as they become available to the O.N.A. member clubs that have made the request to be on the distribution list.

The presentations are best viewed using a digital projector but can be shown to a smaller group just using a laptop computer or good-sized monitor. We are currently investigating the option of viewing the slides on some DVD players. The text for each presentation has to be printed out beforehand so it can be read out loud as each slide is shown.  Of course, the equipment should be checked out ahead of time and the use of a DVD lens cleaner is encouraged.  If the PowerPoint programs will not load properly, just Google "PowerPoint viewer" and download (free) the latest PowerPoint presentation viewer update from site. Contact Len Trakalo and the O.N.A. if you have difficulty using the DVD.

Each club that takes advantage of this offer should thank the London Numismatic Society and especially Ted Leitch who chairs this project! They have unselfishly provided several years of programs and show the benefit of co-operation and of belonging to larger organizations such as the Ontario Numismatic Association.

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